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Contract Negotiation

An agent’s primary duty is to negotiate a professional contract for his client. Elite Sports and Entertainment Agency is well-versed in the “ins and outs” of contract negotiation and is committed to getting the best deal for you.

Career Counseling

You will likely face a number of pivotal decisions throughout your career.  Elite Sports and Entertainment Agency will guide you to the right path through its business relationships with groups in the industry.  By keeping your and your family goals in mind, ESEA makes important career decisions less frustrating and more enjoyable.

Marketing and Public Relations

Elite Sports and Entertainment Agency will guide your endorsement deals, as well as help you manage your marketing and public relations image.

Salary Arbitration

During your career, you may be at odds with teams, management, or producers over compensation. If you seek arbitration or you are offered salary arbitration, Elite Sports and Entertainment Agency will conduct voluminous research, file for salary arbitration, and thereafter guide you through the process.

Legal Services

Elite Sports and Entertainment Agency is part of the The Law Office of James D. Schull.  James Schull is one respected law firms in Benbrook, Texas, specializing in virtually all areas of law.  From labor law to estate planning, James Schull is prepared to meet any and all legal needs an ESEA client may face. To see James Schull impressive attorneys and practice areas, see http://www.jamesdschull.com.

Featured Client

Apollo Gibson

"I started with ESEA, and I am sticking with them.  James and his staff have been nothing but professionals, and they have helped me navigate through the often times shark-infected waters of the entertainment industry.  Personal attention with professional services."

Apollo Gibson